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What We Do | Basements

Basements can provide the additional space you crave for a spare bedroom, playroom, gym, sauna, home cinema, office or wine cellar, but without the stress and expense of moving to a new property.

In our ten years’ experience with basement waterproofing we went through all types of designs of underground spaces. Because of big improvment in waterproofing techniques, those areas become fully habitable and very popular extensions of London homes and flats.

In our basements for waterprofing we use "Delta Membrane Systems", Which provide a 30 year garruntee in all our waterproofing related projects, And that means that if there is a fault with your 

What We Do | Extensions

Extending the back of your house can easily give a size kitchen you always dreamed of. Significantly enlarging squeezed London ground floor areas. Adding features like under floor heating system, big bi-folding garden doors and roof skylights will make your new kitchen extension a much brighter and warmer place to be.

We carry out extensions of all sizes, single or double story, providing a service from design to completion, allowing you a hassle free project. We will make sure your design idea is made to the top of its quality.

What We Do | Lofts

A loft conversion can significantly add value to your London property, whilst providing a brand new living space in a once forgotten part of your home.

Almost all lofts can be converted, the type of London loft conversion you have depends on the type of property you live in and the limitations of the local planning parameters. By matching the existing materials of the property, we can maintain the character and continuity of your home, creating a seamless transition between new and old.